Tastefull specialist
in Mediterranean cuisine

About Deli Di Paolo

Deli Di Paolo

Small breadsticks, toasts, pestos, bruschettas, tapenades and olives: Deli Di Paolo offers a wide range of Mediterranean specialties. We ensure that  our products contain the finest ingredients from Mediterranean countries with consideration for the image of our brand and its product.

The brand Deli Di Paolo stands for a range of products from the rich Mediterranean tradition selected by experts. Deli Di Paolo fits in the highest segment of the Mediterranean food industry.

All products are of high quality and contain natural and honest ingredients.


Deli di Paolo is introduced as a Bergfood brand in 2009. In 2015 the time came  to restyle  and modernize the appearance of the brand and  all packaging. Besides Deli Di Paolo, Bergfood  supplies approximately 35 other brands which we are specialized in.

Bergfood delivers its products in the Benelux, mainly to supermarkets, companies within the food industry and foodservice, but also restaurants, retail stores, specialists and catering firms use and sell the products of Bergfood.